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You might think that all used car dealerships in Lynnwood and the surrounding area are the same. Chances are, the commercials look similar and they might even offer similar looking vehicles. What sets Rich’s Car Corner apart as the best used cars dealer in Lynnwood? Well, we can answer those questions for you.


We offer flexible financing plans that fit with just about every income level. We know that the economy is oftentimes beyond your control, and you might have experienced some hardships that were in no way your fault. After all, you didn’t create the economic crisis in 2008. If you did, you’re probably still a millionaire and don’t need financing from us!

The most important part you can pay when looking for financing for used cars in Lynnwood is to be honest. We know that sometimes people are embarrassed if their credit isn’t what they want it to be. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, though. Everyone goes through some economic hard times. You need to be honest with us when you apply for financing. You do not have to disclose alimony, child support, or separate mortgages if you don’t want those to be factored into your repayment plan, but you will need to be up front.


Some used car dealerships claim to inspect their vehicles before they buy them but these “inspections” amount to nothing much more than kicking the tires. At Rich’s Car Corner, we inspect every car that comes in the lot. We don’t buy our cars in bulk. Instead, we consider each and everyone individually to decide if it is mechanically sound. We ask ourselves if it’s up to the quality that customers associate with our company.

Also, we offer the Carfax report for all of our vehicles. Carfax offers you a detailed report on the history of the car so you will know if it has ever been reported flooded, crashed, or stolen. You will know if the car has been registered as rebuilt. Cars that have been totaled and rebuilt are usually registered with rebuilt titles. This way, you can feel confident that you know the history of the car you are purchasing and that we have absolutely nothing to hide. Not every used cars dealer is that honest with you.


We offer a wide selection of used cars to fit just about every need and every budget. We have cars, trucks, and SUVs. The prices range from under three thousand dollars to over seven thousand dollars. In fact, we usually have close to two dozen cars for under three thousand dollars. Though these cars are significantly less expensive than some of our other vehicles, they are no less reliable. Every car is inspected and approved by our staff.

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