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If you live in or around the Bothell area you know how important it is to have a reliable vehicle to drive. At Rich’s Car Corner we also know that if you are looking for used cars for sale you want to get the best possible price for a great quality car, which is why we make the effort to carefully choose our inventory to include a range of the best cars available.

Make Buying a Used Car Simple

Buying a used car from pre owned car dealerships doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer you the option to find pre owned cars online through our website or drop in and see us on the lot and take a look at the vehicles in person. This is a great way to also take a look at different vehicles you may not have considered.

Often drivers in Bothell, just like people anywhere, don’t stop to think about all their options in used vehicles. This can actually lead to less options overall as you are narrowing down your choices. If you are open to looking at different vehicles and taking them out for a drive you may be very surprised at just how many vehicles there are out there that are perfect for your driving needs and your budget.

The Important Points to Tell Your Used Cars Dealer

When you are getting ready to buy second hand cars in Bothell a great option is to simply tell the sales representative when type of vehicle you are looking for in general terms. This allows the used auto/cars truck & SUV dealers to get a big picture view of the type of vehicle you are looking for.

You may want to include information on the gas mileage you want, the type of driving you do in and around Bothell or the features that you must have in the vehicle. With this information our sales staff is then able to make recommendations based on your needs and the inventory we have on our used car lots. We can also work with you if you need bad credit auto loans through our financing agents.

Our Business

At Rich’s Car Corner we are proud to be a BBB accredited business with a long history of working with and for our customers. We believe that our job is to make your used car buying experience as simple and stress free as possible. With a focus on customer satisfaction we know we can get you into just the car you want.

Our business motto is Best Price Best Value and that is something we promise with each of the cars, trucks and SUVs that we sell in and around the Bothell area.

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