Quick Tips for Buying a Used Car

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Are you in the market for a new-to-you vehicle? Thanks to the number of dealerships in the area, you are sure to find a good quality pre-owned car within your budget. In order to avoid any scams or winding up with an inferior car, however, it is important to do preliminary research and shop smart. Here are quick tips for buying a used car in Seattle:

Find Reliable Pre-Owned Car Dealerships

Although Craigslist and newspaper classifieds still include individuals selling their own cars, you will find a better selection at a used car lot. You will also have the protection of buying from a reputable business rather than an unknown person. Not all used car lots are equal, though, so look for a dealership well established in Seattle. Talk to family members, friends, and colleagues for recommendations, or visit the lot online or in person to help get a feel for the inventory and price range.

Look for a Candid Used Cars Dealer

Once you have found an established car dealership in Seattle, take a look at their inventory. A good car dealership’s inventory and pricing should be transparent, with no hidden fees or stipulations. You should be able to understand all costs associated with buying your new-to-you used car. If the salesmen seem overly pushy or continually emphasize special deals if you sign immediately, take a step back. Good salesmanship is one thing, but you should feel comfortable and confident throughout the car-buying process.

Ask About Bad Credit Auto Loans

If your old car suddenly broke down or you otherwise need quick transportation to get around Seattle, it may be tempting to rush into an auto loan agreement so you can get back on the road. Proceed with caution, however, because many auto loans could negatively affect your already low credit rating even more. Thankfully, there are financing options available to those with bad or low credit. These loans often come with extra protection in place to help protect and improve your credit score. By finding a loan with a low interest rate and making your monthly payments on time, the number of used vehicles now within your budget may be surprising.

Look for a BBB Accredited Business

As a non-profit organization, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) exists to help consumers make informed decisions. The BBB collects and shares user reviews and complaints concerning millions of businesses in the United States, including many local businesses in Seattle. Companies who pledge to follow better business practices and regulations can apply for accreditation from the BBB. If you are not sure where to begin your search for a used car, begin with a BBB accredited business such as Rich’s Car Corner. There, you can find a variety of pre-owned cars at affordable, transparent prices.

In addition to low credit automobile loans, you should consider your other financing options. Seattle-based banks offer a variety of loans, often with lower interest rates than numerous speedy auto loan or quick cash businesses.

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